Virtual Learning

I will be working off of three platforms:

Google Classroom: location I will be pushing out all of my assignments (classroom code: xrq77lm)

Bloomz: source for communication because it allows me to send parents a text message (class code: 8ZTYF7)

SeeSaw: an interactive app that I can post activities for students to interact (read things out loud, type, write/draw with finger/stylus) (class code: RLHU UMTE expires April 6 and I will need to reissue a new code if you do not sign-in before then)

Please e-mail with any questions!

Student Google Account: Screen Cast with directions

username: ##(two digit graduation year) j (first name initial) moser (last name)


password: Bh@lunch number

example: Bh@12345

Graduation years:

3rd – 29

2nd – 30

1st – 31

K – 32